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Creating and promoting digital content is an art. Where you as a content creator need to please two audiences. The obvious one is the target persona you write for. But it easy to miss the importance of attracting all your employee advocates. As an important channel to customers. Use these 5 simple tricks to build an internal fan base for your content creations.

Content putting customers in focus

Your best employee advocates are hunting for stories to share with customers. Customers eager to learn new insights. Find stories for the problems customers have. And making sure the employee advocates understand customer’s problems.

Be cognizant about which content your customers engage with. How much time to you get to make an impact when interacting on social platforms? Have you framed your story with your customers in mind? Do you use ‘you’ more frequent than ‘I/we’ in your text.

Your best bet to impress employee advocates is content designed around your customers. And customers interests. One topic and message at a time.

Visuals telling customers a story

Your employee advocates fight for digital attention, in very short attention spans. Where opportunities to engage come and goes at the blink of an eye. Comprehensive marketing assets are hard to gain traction with. Save whitepapers, e-books and reports for later.

Consider starting at the visual end. Can you convey your story with a simple visual? A powerful headline, a relevant picture or graph and one or two exciting facts. Packaged as an animated gif to make sure your audience don’t skip over it.

If yes this is always a safe choice. Both your employee advocates and their audience will grasp what your story is all about. If it catches their interest they will come back for more.

An exciting insight-graphic

Social media platforms have seen many infographic shared over the years. Where what is very clear but ‘so what’ and ‘now what’ are vague.

Consider building an insightful infographic instead. Combining a handful of facts and closing it out with a call for action. An approach where your content research come in small enough bites to make it easy to snack.

Trim out the fat info not contributing to the insights you want to convey. Make it easier both for your employee advocates and their audience to get your message.

Short videos making us smile

All content does not need to carry a serious message. While sifting through the feed your audience need micro breaks.

Consider creating one or two short videos. With no other purpose than creating a social media pause no one will miss. And if you can trigger a smile or a laugh you are three quarters on the way towards a share or a re-tweet.

Feed your employee advocates with digital pause videos. Crisp and funny and targeting a 10-15 second attention span.

One step below buzzword, acronym and industry jargon bingo

Digital conversations around buzzwords, acronyms and industry jargon add little value. Too many engage on the buzzword level. Industry jargon and acronyms introduce complexity in digital conversations. And it is easy to loose customers on this level.

Focus your content creation one or two steps below the buzz words and industry jargon. Aspire to ‘crisp up’ rather than ‘dumbing down’ your messages. When you master this art you can create powerful stories in 2-3 sentences. Breaking through the noise in style.

Employee advocates will look for value adding content. Where you can stand out by creating and curating content below the busy buzz level.

Questions for you and your team

  1. Who are our best employee advocates – connect with them when crafting content.
  2. What type of content do they share the most – and what do they screen out.
  3. What is their internal and external balance – and what define the choice when sharing.
  4. Which content do they lack – take on the challenge to raise your game.
  5. Which best practices can they share – for you to take influences from.
  6. How much paid media do we waste – on content employee advocates would not share.

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