A digital mentor supporting your professional development

© Tweeter Linder 2014 – All rights reserved 2014. Photo by iStock

© Tweeter Linder 2014 – All rights reserved 2014. Photo by iStock

© Tweeter Linder 2014 – All rights reserved 2014. Photo by iStock

You are a person wanting to extend your network of professional coaches and or mentors beyond what you have access to today. You are challenged by building new professional skills to meet the demand from a world where the digital side of business is growing at a fast pace. Tweeter Linder – your digital mentor is created for you and your professional career development.

The basic idea is to offer a digital mentor to support your professional career development, beyond the coaches and mentors you are consulting in real life. No professional sports team has ever played a game without a coach. Most sports today use systems of multiple coaches to maximize their competitiveness. In the same way your professional career requires coaching from multiple individuals. Your most valuable coaches and mentors are the ones you meet in real life. Their experiences and your social interactions are cornerstones in giving you new perspectives on your professional options. All ambitious individuals are looking to extend their network and learn from the best in the world. My aspiration is to provide you with great additional insights into strategy, marketing and communication skills for a digital world and to deliver them in digital format as it is unlikely we will ever meet in person.

The pace of development in the digital world puts increased demand on professionals with an ambition to be highly successful. We are operating in a hybrid world where now (our classic business) and new (our digital business) need to be developed simultaneously. The market forces us to balance execution and strategy in a more complex way than before. Marketing is moving towards a model centered around sharing of knowledge to better understand how your products and services can be applied to clients’ needs and concerns. Finally professional communication is moving towards video as the primary bearer of information, with a larger share of the communication taking place in digital channels.

The insights shared here are based on 23 years of experiences from the global ICT industry. A period when Broadband and Internet reached universal penetration and mobile phone became the primary communication platform in every human’s hand. Television and video penetrated multiple screen types and all industries in the society raised their ambition to become smart and to reach their customers with mobile first strategies. I am convinced the future will be coming with an increasing pace of change.  I hope you will find it worthwhile invest time in adopting some of the development areas suggested as part of this program and to collaborate to make it as good as it possibly can get. Your career deserves the best of coaching and I hope to develop your trust to allow this digital mentoring to become an additional leg supporting your career. Your real-life mentors and coaches will always be more valuable but all chairs need four legs and this is where I aspire to support you.

The name Tweeter Linder was born a day when my good friends R & R and I discussed personal branding and how to come across in the digital world. The three of us are all digital immigrants with extensive professional experiences in the real world and I was challenged to move into a territory beyond my normal comfort zone. I selected the area of digital mentorship in a broad sense with the aspiration to offer valuable insights for anyone in the window between Vice Presidents and Interns about to leave universities to start their professional careers.

The digital foot print of this program is found as blogs (www.tweeterlinder.com), tweets (@TweeterLinder) presentations (www.slideshare.net/TweeterLinder) visuals (www.flickr.com/TweeterLinder) and videos on YouTube (Tweeter.Linder@gmail.com)

Stay tuned for more updates soon

3 thoughts on “A digital mentor supporting your professional development

  1. I’m very excited about this program and I’m really looking forward to read more and more posts, this is very convenient and helpful as you said technology is in everyone’s hand and this is a great way to use it. This is definitely adding new prospective to my professional career in a more digital than classical way. Thank you so much for sharing 23 years of experience and knowledge. Looking forward to more posts.

  2. This is a bold new initiative. A great opportunity to utilize the experience and vision of industry leaders to inspire and push forward young guns. Looking forward an interesting learning experience.

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