Get interested in 5 seconds – Learn in 5 minutes – Practice 60-90 days

©Tweeter Linder 2014 – All rights reserved, Photo by iStock

©Tweeter Linder 2014 – All rights reserved, Photo by iStock

This program is designed around your own motivation to develop yourself and start from the subjects you want to learn here and now. The modules provided are designed around a common framework throughout the program. Learn more about the base concept in this blog.

In our daily work we all face the challenge of where to focus our development efforts. My experience is the best development results comes from areas where you have a clear an imminent need to develop yourself and where you need guidance on how to approach the challenge at hand. It is also clear that on the job training is required to raise yourself in a given area, experience come from doing and working with an area. We all face the challenge of too little time for learning and too little time available until we have to be productive.

Therefore the program is defined around three simple elements:

  1. A teaser making you interested in a modules – to capture your attention and interest in 5 seconds.
  2. A learning module to for self-development – Insights from a real-life mentoring session packaged for you to get in 5 minutes.
  3. An on the job training session – expect to put in 60-90 days working with a module to raise yourself to the next level.

The program covers a broad spectrum of topics. In my mentoring sessions I have seen the best results when a mentee is highly motivated to learn AND there is an opportunity to apply the learnings immediately. The ambition set out is to offer you a smorgasbord of development modules which can be taken in a random order. High emphasis is placed on framing a module in a way that makes it easy for you to capture the scope. The scope of the modules is framed with pictures and quotes to capture your attention.

The format for the learning modules will develop over time to reflect ideas proven to work for digital mentoring sessions. A vital criteria is to optimize around the time you put into learn. The starting assumptions is to structure and scope the modules so you can get the basic ideas in 5 minutes, and provide you rich opportunities to diver deeper into the details as part of the learning. My experience is the shorter it takes to get an idea, the likelier it is you will be able to apply it for fast results.

You might get the impression that getting interested in 5 seconds and learning in 5 minutes makes the program excellent for quick fixes. The most important part of the program is the part where your new insights are applied to a professional challenge. You will need 60-90 days of focus to raise your capabilities to the next level in an area defined in a module. Within such a frame you can achieve material improvements in 4-6 areas per year, or 20-30 over a five year period of time.

5 seconds to tease you, 5 minutes to capture the essentials and 60-90 day of practice is the frame of reference for this program. Stay tuned for which target groups this program is designed for.

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