Tweeter Linder – Your Digital Mentor, is a digital mentorship program. The purpose of the program is to provide mentor like coaching in digital format as a complement to your real life mentors. The scope is focused on Business Strategy, Digital Marketing, Change Management and Lean & Learning sales. Capabilities critical in a world where your performance will come from how well you adapt to an increasingly digital world. The insights provided are shaped by 25 years of experiences in the ICT industry and extensive post graduate educations. The experiences gained represent a mix of European leadership and American management. The digital mentorship program is designed to provide a menu of modules for self development. Get interested in 5 seconds, learn the basics in 5 minutes and apply the ideas at work for 60-90 days to take you to the next level. By developing yourself in 20-30 of these areas over 5 years you will be armed with skills for a vibrant digital world.

The digital foot print of this program is found as blogs (www.tweeterlinder.com) and tweets (@TweeterLinder)

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  1. Hi Tweeter Linder! I think this resource (https://corporatevisions.com/how-you-should-be-whiteboarding/) from Corporate Visions would supplement your “Whiteboards – a cradle for business narratives and a new way to sell” well. Maybe you could link out to it as a resource at the bottom like with the other inspiration material?

    All in all, I like what you’re doing here; as a recent graduate, I think it is valuable to find resources like these to keep me updated and fresh while in the workforce.

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