5 cards digital leaders play well at major events

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Exhibitions and trade-shows reach further than the booth today. Where your digital activities play an important role in your show results. But what are the initiatives that make leaders stand out on the digital arena. It come down to 5 cards you need to play well.

Personal brand refresh on all digital platforms

The first checkpoint is to secure your personal brand is fresh on all digital platforms. To be attractive to your customers and a role model for your peers and employees.

Our personal branding sometimes falls behind. Especially if we are not hunting for a new job or take an active role in the daily digital conversations.

And a brand refresh ahead of a trade-show or exhibition is about make you attractive to customers. Make sure you come across as someone adding value to industry conversations. Someone open to help customers. And drop all language about quota crushing and big ego boosting statements.

Share marketing content from own team

The second checkpoint is about accelerating the reach of your own team’s content. Assuming you want to position your best and most up to date thoughts to gain mind-share at the event.

It is easy to fall in the trap to believe content sharing come down to corporate social accounts only. And losing out on the potential to leverage social platforms to extend reach. With your own and your team members channels in play.

As a digital leader you want to secure all content created by the marketing team get legs. On your personal social accounts, tailored with your unique perspective on the subjects. Rather than pre-cooked non personal quotes.

Like or re-tweet content from peer organizations
ird note to self is about liking or retweeting content from peer organizations. All teams don’t have a digital leader in their roaster and can enjoy a helping hand.

This is a low effort high impact initiative. Often overseen when you only focus on your own agenda.

Take the time to check with your peers on what they want to see amplified. Make sure you like their posts on LinkedIn, which make them visible to your network. And retweet their twitter posts as is. Or with a personal note if you want to go the extra inch.

Post with a human touch during event

Independent of which position you hold you want to come across as human. Sharing bot professional and private moment from the event.

Stepping outside their professional and polished role you fill. Most want to deal with humans. And not standing out as human make interest in you dry up fast.

Stick to a human tone in all your posts. Away from the agreed corporate tone. You want to create excitement and engagement around you as a digital leader. Where the sum of impression from all digital leaders define your brand. Share some pictures taken outside your booth and meeting rooms. Brag about something you bring home to friends and family afterwards.

Engage in the event conversation that matters

The final checkpoint is about engaging in conversations taking place on social platforms. Scanning topics getting traction. Conversations should you bring back home with you as a key take-away.

With a busy agenda it is easy to skip over the listening part of what is going on. And focusing on getting your messages out. Risking to come a cross as a bad listener.

Take some time each morning and each evening to zoom in on the event hash tag. Ask a few follow up questions. Chime in on interesting conversations. To stand out as someone listening on social platforms. and take the opportunity to make new connections. With eco-system stakeholders and potential customers.

Questions for you and your team

  1. Do we have a clear digital agenda for the upcoming event – if not create one.
  2. Which content do we want to get traction with – select your best parts and make a push.
  3. Which hashtags do we use – both event and own ones to boost engagement.
  4. Who is part of our digital army – especially the ones supporting your more senior leaders.
  5. Which personal brand refresh do I need to do – to complement my clothes and business cards.

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