Digitally diverse management teams share their development burden

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A successful digital transformation requires a broad digital competence base in management teams. A challenge when digital immigrants represent dominate management teams. Hiring one digital savvy peer to your team will not do the job. A more productive approach is for all members to take on part of the burden to building digital skills.

Your conundrum

You face three challenges when building digital skills. First the broad spectrum of areas to develop. Making it a daunting task for any leader to grow across all. Second the very short time available to get these skills. The rapid development of digital markets and influences demand these skills now. Third, successful businesses have shifted focus from knowing to learning. A reality applicable for leaders to.

Leaders can embrace the challenge of closing large gaps in a little time by sharing the burden. And setting a clear example when all in a management team make a serious commitment to learn new.

Digital diversity

Digital diversity refers to the variety of leadership skills required. To make digital transformations successful. It is easy to define 10 digital leadership skills to consider for your personal development. Each representing a major development undertaking. But if all leaders in a team focus on developing the same skill, the other 9 skills will be under developed.

Digital diversity is not about your heritage, i.e. race, sex, religion. It is about what you and your team aspire to become. Digital diversity leverage the potential of any diversity initiative. Diverse teams are better at solving complex problems. The number of complex problems is growing. And the most complex ones are digital.

Contributing to digital diversity

Creating digital diversity is a collaborative effort. Where a team set out to develop complementing skills. Sharing experiences with peers in other teams developing similar skills as yourself. Driving the growth in the leadership team you are a part of. Focused on the bases you are responsible to cover.

Building these skills requires a step up from walking the extra mile. Towards running the extra mile. Time is too short for slow foxing your digital development agenda. And any walk in the park you might see is an illusion.

Questions to you and your team

  1. What is the digital literacy in our team today – build on an honest self-assessment.
  2. Which digital leadership capabilities do we need first – Focus from day 1.
  3. Who is best suited to develop a given area – share the burden in your team.
  4. Who else can I leverage in developing my skills – to share experiences with.
  5. How do I carve out the time required to stay relevant – for running the extra mile.

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