Week 4 – Selecting a starting point

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Your first month as a digital influencer in the making is coming to an end. This week by making your starting point crisp and clear. Narrowing your focus to a few areas where you can get traction fast.

Select one platform to start with

The fastest path to success is to start on a platform where your audience already is present. And focus on one platform, where you get traction, before bridging out to more platforms.

The platform where you started to build your network in week 3 should be your preferred one. Starting on a platform where you have an audience increase potential for interactions. Interactions shaping your way of communicating on social platforms.

My journey started with poor networks on both LinkedIn and Twitter. With Twitter as the platform I focused on first. And if redone today I would have focused on Twitter first.

Focus on a few types of content to relay

Your digital networks have little patience. Where you need to focus on crisp content and comments. Your network want to learn from you. With engaging content. In the beginning the best way to relay content is to leverage existing content. From your own company and from people you trust.

Be selective in what type of content you relay. Simple and self-explaining visuals. Links to brief blogs and short videos. Insightful infographics telling a story. These types all work well.

Be more cautious with content links that fall in any of the following traps. Too long written papers, e.g. whitepapers and broschures. Too long videos, e.g. webinars and tutorials. Too long visuals, e.g. complete slide decks.

I started with too much focus on just relaying content I had created. Missing out on the opportunity to build reputation for being a great curator. Before you aspire to be great at writing. 

Define a cadence for your activities

Most people are hesitant to committing to engaging on social media platforms. Drive be a fear about how much time they might have to dedicate to see results. Defining how and when you can invest time is a better option than opting out.

Select a suitable cadence and pick dates when you notice most activity from your audience. Once a week on Tuesdays. Twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. Or daily, which a slight twist of focus for your weekend engagements.

You also need to find a time that will work well for you on a regular basis. First thing in the morning, works for a few as part of the routine of putting in first gear and get going. During your daily commute to or from work for others. While the last group dedicate a slot during the day as a break for the daily grind.

Expect to see a mismatch between when you can dedicate time and when your audience is most active and receptive. A dilemma you can circumvent by scheduling your post with a time stamp in the future.

I have found a slot early in the day to work best for me. Get external influences to trigger thoughts and reflections during the day. Combined with a longer session during the weekend when I look more for deeper than snappy content.

Check list for week 4

Select a platform for your initial efforts – guided by your customers’ presence

  • LinkedIn – my customer audience is scare, and limited to LinkedIn
  • Twitter – our customers are already active on twitter

What type of content will you relay first – pick formats engaging customers

  • Company Blogposts
  • Company Infographics
  • Company Videos

Define cadence for your activities – 15-30 minutes at a time

  • Active on Tuesdays every week
  • Active on Mondays and Thursdays every week
  • Active 5-7 days a week

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