Writing Template – Deliver on my most wanted effect weekly

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Purpose of this template

This template allows you to plan out the most wanted effect you want to achieve this week. A method designed for your most important priority each week. Where you want to secure your priority is clear. Addressed with a clear execution plan to secure consistent delivery on your key priorities. And serious questions asked to secure you have the required tools and support to deliver.

Once you manage this template you have increased the odds of delivering on your priorities.  A priority where you decide to take control of the output.

What is my most wanted effect this week?

The central question to penetrate is what you want to achieve.

Ask yourself this question, in steps until you have reached the center of gravity right now.

Perform a few tests of your hypothesis to secure it is a great articulation

  • Is this what I want to achieve the most this week?
  • Is there is clear answer to “so what” test the importance of your effect articulation?

These articulations can include verbs like: perform, deliver, investigate, clarify, increase, decrease etc.

And adjectives such as: complete, superior, improved, finalized etc.

Key Success Factors to reach the wanted effect

A creative phase where you define which levers you see as having the biggest potential impact. Levers articulating where to focus. All centered around the two questions:

  • What should I increase to deliver the wanted effect?
  • What should I decrease to deliver the wanted effect?

Limit success factors to key ones. Stick to a few as actions in your plan must match each factor in your analysis.

Define your execution plan

Your execution plan address the key success factors identified in the previous step. Each with a clear articulation of the actions you will take this week. Actions you have confidence in to deliver the expected outcome.

Do I believe in my plan?

The plan is personal and to succeed you need to have a firm belief in the plan. Feeling comfortable you have nailed the right key success factors. Feeling secure you have anclear approach in mind for each of the proposed actions. An approach you know will deliver the desired outcomes. And to deliver on the wanted effect you need a clear approach on all topics.

Possible ways to reinforce the plan

Expect to face situations where you use this method to push into unknown territory. Where you need to ask for help in reaching the goal:

  • Who can help me with the actions I am not completely comfortable with?
  • Which ways of working can I steal for actions that are new to me?
  • Which methods can deliver a better result than my default method?
  • Is the effect I want to reach with the frame of possible to do within a week.

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