Define your personal 3:1:5 execution agenda for maximum performance

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Business execution come back to what we steer quarterly, weekly and daily efforts towards. To perform at the highest level possible, you need to master all three categories. And have an idea how each of them support each other.

Taking strong ownership of your personal performance

No matter what we do, we have the choice to take ownership of our personal performance. With an idea on how we structure all within our control for the best possible results. Stellar performance does not happen overnight. It builds up from many small elements. Repeated with quality, often.

What we see as our priorities this quarter. What we define as the effect we want to achieve this week. And the small things we do every day contributing to our performance. The following can serve as a starting point for your personal performance agenda:

  • In a quarter, you can select 3 priorities defining your performance
  • In a week, you can focus on 1 effect towards your priorities
  • In a day, you can do 5 small things with quality.

With an opportunity to tune later as you become drilled in understanding your own performance limits.

Quarterly Priorities

In a quarterly perspective, your performance come from what you select as your priorities. A task where we often pick too much and deliver too little.

The number should be small enough to force prioritization of important things. Be big enough for you to push envelops of what you think is possible.

Your choice for this time horizon is to i) advance all yearly priorities in parallel or ii) pick a few priorities for each quarter

Weekly Effects

In a weekly perspective, your performance come from the effect you deliver before the close of the week. Calling for determination on what to focus on. Combined with a clear action plan for how to deliver within a short time frame.

Focus on 1 effect each week force you to push yourself. To define the focus for this week. To craft a credible plan for delivery. Make any concern something you need to deal with on the spot.

Your choice for this time horizon is to i) execute towards a to do list or ii) elevate the focus for the #1 effect you want to do.

Daily Actions

In a daily perspective, your performance come from the actions you take. And consistent performance come from doing simple things with proven impact on your performance.

Your choice for this time horizon is between i) react to situations when defining actions or ii) build from a set of core actions repeated daily.

Questions for you and your team

  1. How many execution priorities can you deliver on each quarter – an honest self-assessment.
  2. How do you define your weekly plan today – look for patterns of focus and accomplishments.
  3. Which activities do you do daily to feel accomplished when you go to bed – no matter how small.
  4. Which choice of approach for each time horizon feels most natural for you – performance don’ come from the easiest route.
  5. How would your company rate your yearly performance if you adopted this model – 12 priorities, 52 effects and 1000 actions.
  6. How do you reward yourself quarterly, weekly and daily – all small steps are worth celebrations

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