DaVinci Marketing – blend art with science

© Tweeter Linder 2015 – All rights reserved. Photo by iStock

© Tweeter Linder 2015 – All rights reserved. Photo by iStock

Marketing is going through a major transformation driven by mobile, social and location information. Your outbound digital marketing focused on taking content to customers PC via a web interface. Inbound marketing focus on mobile audience where great marketer master both art and science. Art in form of digital content, and science as in how to measure the results of your marketing efforts. Strive to develop both in your marketing team. Visualize yourself as the great Leonardo Davinci and you will be close to what it will take.

The Social-Location-Mobile movement is changing user behaviors. Since many applications are “free”, monetization through marketing revenues is vital. The combination of the three enablers create a powerful tool for marketeers such as:

  • Inbound marketing – customers are searching for your help through social platforms before you can sell to them.
  • Mobile precision – with mobiles you have access to more data points about the individual than ever before
  • Location context – location data translated into valuable business contexts.
  • The shift towards an inbound marketing model raise the bar for the marketing content you need to create to be attractive:
  • Your customers look for help, so your content needs to provide advice.
  • Your customers search for you and your content has to be easy to find.
  • Your customers are impatient, you need to entertain them and get your points across fast.

Customers in any field trust friends and family a lot more than they trust brands. 86% in the US trust friends and family most for product advice. Similar studies show trust in brands show percentage figures in the teens. This phenomenon is driving a marketing shift from classical B2B/B2C models towards a Human-to-Human (H2H paradigm. Your employees become a vital asset in becoming the trusted friends and family member. Your employees will be the first gating factor in securing your content is good enough and ready for prime time. The mobile, and the fact it is a personal device, have taken marketing down to the level of individuals. This and the fact we use it on-the-go has expanded marketing beyond the TV and PC paradigm. The mobile marketing is here to say and it will become more advanced the coming decade.

Advanced location capabilities open up new marketing opportunities. We can target the individual with marketing already today. Tomorrow we can target individuals in specific contexts. The context come from combining location with associated user patterns . This is a step well beyond the generic mail broadcasts that dominate the digital marketing landscape today.

Good question to ask in this area are:

  • How should we balance legacy outbound and new inbound marketing efforts? – It is not about closing legacy but finding the right balance.
  • What content and metrics do we need for our inbound marketing efforts? – It is all about art and science.
  • How do we secure we have the right skills and capabilities for inbound marketing initiatives? – Building new will be harder than preserving the right legacy parts.

For deeper dives consider reading:

You and your organization requires DaVinci marketing skills. Don’t wait to develop these skills.

One thought on “DaVinci Marketing – blend art with science

  1. Thank you for explaining the difference between in and outbound marketing, With my own business I’m still struggling to identify my audience and what technologies they use to view my services, and how to make those services easy to locate and find. one example is that with “bootstrap” it made it very easy for a website to be viewable on a phone and vice versa but also have to study the other areas.

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