Week 10 – Get access to great content early

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As a digital influencer you want access to great content early. Your value as a content curator grow with how early you can share it with your audience. This blogpost deal with how you can improve access to content in a structured way.

Identify your best sources of content.

Content is the fuel defining your digital influencing momentum. And an early job to do is to identify great sources of content. Sources that stand for both high quality and timely publishing.

Your content can come from though leaders in your company. Who you know and trust to publish content with a regular cadence. It can be industry thought leaders. Who shape the opinions in the markets you want to influence. And news sources capturing and accelerating industry conversations.

In the early stages of your digital influencing journey you are more a curator and less of a creator. Where the quality of your curation work come from the sources you pick as your favorite sources.

I relied too much on own content production in early stages of my journey. Where curation centric approach would have made more sense.

Provide novel content ideas to others

One way to increase access to novel content is to trigger creation. You might have a story idea, you can share with a trusted author. Who often are happy to develop others’ ideas, as long as you have news worthy bites to offer. Another option is to suggest repurposing of existing content. To better fit the audience, you are targeting. Where a different format can make the story come across better.

The hardest part of creating new content is often to find the facts taking the story to a higher level. Credible facts is a great breeding ground for any story. And by digging up facts in an area you know well, you can lower the threshold for an experienced author to pick up on your idea.

I exploited most of my ideas on my own. In retrospective I could have gained a lot by giving some ideas to other to exploit. In exchange for early access to content to share. Too many great ideas where hanging around too long in the idea box.

Establish a 4-week content funnel

Creating and curating content become better when following a schedule. As a digital influencer it is easy to spread yourself thin early on. A good approach is to pick a theme per week. And stick to it for a full week. Focused around a specific hashtag you engage around.

Sharing content in a specific area make your name come across as insightful in the area. Focus on topic and quality sharing is instrumental in building your brand. You should start to see a difference within a week with 3-5 shares per day for your selected topic. Try to mix novel content and proven winners. It is perhaps easy to find content leading influencers, but to stand out novel content add to your repertoire.

In my early days I covered to many hashtags at a time. Demanding significant efforts in time. And not paying off a good as I had hoped for.

Checklist for week 10 activities

Identify the best content sources – to boost your presence

  • Though leaders in your company – publishing shareable content with a regular cadence
  • Industry thought leaders – shaping opinions in the niches you are active in.
  • Credible news sources – providing relevant and through provoking points of view

Provide novel content ideas – for others to create content around

  • Provide content ideas to authors you know – most are happy to pick up great ideas
  • Suggest suitable repurposing – A great blog work well as a video, podcast or visual
  • Hunt down attractive facts to build stories around – Not all are headline masters.

Establish a 4-week curation funnel – to guide your efforts

  • Set a publishing calendar with one theme per week
  • Curate suitable content for your theme – many posts on same theme gain better traction
  • Use a mix of fresh content and proven winners – where the second are easier to find

Thank you for reading to the end. And good luck with this week’s activities in anticipation of next week’s effort on crafting your own content.

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