Week 9 – Turbo boost your digital influencing efforts

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Week 9 in the program to develop your digital influencing skills focus on how to turbo boost your initial engagements. By leveraging colleagues and contacts who have a superior reach. It is too hard to rely on your own reach only in the beginning. Where a fan club of helping hands come in handy.

Recruit a personal fan club to turbo charge your initial efforts

Recruit a small group of fans who already have a large digital reach. People who have embarked on the digital influencing journey ahead of you. Look for both colleagues, customers and partners you have a good personal relation to. And who are open to play an active role in turbo charging your initial influencing efforts. Your most valuable digital contacts have large networks and are willing to support you in the early stages. And if you happen to recruit a super connector to your fan club it is as good as it gets.

In the early stages of my journey I was part of a group where we all were each other’s fans. But we all started from weak networks. Where we could not boost each other.

Leverage your fan club to extend reach of your initial posts

You want your fan club to engage with your early posts. First to secure your early posts reach further out than your initial digital network. A result of your fan club relaying your posts. Second to give credibility to you as a relevant influencer worth listening to on digital platforms. Both these two factors are of great importance in the early days.

My peer group supported my early efforts. But my primary boost came from contributing content to a corporate blog. Which game my name and ideas the required reach to get off the ground.

Link posts across digital platforms

Some platforms are better as marketing tools and other for content publishing. Twitter is great for promoting the content you have created. LinkedIn work great for both promoting and for publishing content. Facebook is often considered a private channel only. But consider using it for professional purposes when you aim to reach your close relations. The value of using a channel which people check every day should not be under estimated.

As soon as you are present on more than one network you might want to consider cross positing on several platforms. All focused on extending the reach and leveraging private and professional networks.

I started to blog, to tweet and to build my LinkedIn network at the same time. A lot of initial heavy lifting but paying off fast with network and growth reaching critical mass.

Checklist for week 9 activities

Recruit a personal FAN club with a handful of people – to turbo charge your take-off

  • Social media savvy colleagues with large digital networks
  • Industry influencer, with large digital networks

Leverage your fan club to boost reach of your early posts

  • Like your LinkedIn publications
  • Retweet your twitter posts

Link posts across digital platforms

  • Blogposts promoted on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn post promoted on Twitter
  • Instagram posts linked to Twitter

Thank you for reading. Next week’s module will focus on the value of getting access to unique content early.

3 thoughts on “Week 9 – Turbo boost your digital influencing efforts

  1. Ah, of course leverage is good. Both to leverage your “classic” network and the organic network your social media activities build.

    But how do you avoid the ascoiated fallacies?
    – Like “don’t make it an MLM game” (sooner or later the lower ends of the value chain runs out of recruitable base)

    – Also “drowning in your own filter bubble” . when your fan clud only (or at least “mainly”) reaches the other parts of your fan club

    What other pitfalls have you found? How do you measure the current state to see where you are on the pitfall walk+ What activities have you seen that might counter these “unindented consequences”?

    • Thank you Johan for engaging and great reflections. One way of approaching the dilemma you describe is to work with what you and only you provide unique perspectives on. Where you define a niche subject addresses to a broader audience. An where your traction grows which growing interest for your niche. I believe all of us can become a “big fish in a small pond” if we get build ponds to our strengths. Hope this encourage you to keep pushing on your digital journey! All the best Peter

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