Week 6 – Learn basics about social media tools

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Welcome to the last week of preparation before you can go live. This week we will go through some of the basics for the main tools. With a focus on essentials you cannot live without. And addressing when to use a Mobile App versus browser access from a Laptop.

LinkedIn – Mobile App or Laptop

LinkedIn exist as both Mobile App and through browser on laptop.

To build a LinkedIn network you need to manage the connection capabilities. Either by searching for a person or connecting with people you know in the list of suggestions. Stick to two rules. First, don’t send the standard “I want to connect to your network” request. Use the browser based version and type a personal invitation message. To make the connection is personal from start. Second set up principle for who you accept connection requests from. All that reach out to you or limited to the ones you know before. Take the opportunity to start a relation as part of the connection request you have received. A virtual cup of coffee is a great way to follow up a digital connection with a personal one.

Beyond connecting you want to master how to share a text or a link to your LinkedIn flow. Links are easy to add to your flow from a phone. But for a LinkedIn posted articles you might prefer the editing options with a PC.

I have found a strategy based on creating connections and sharing links and text take you far. And wish I realized sooner that most people I aspire to influence are on Linked. With their professional social media presence limited to this platform.

Twitter – Mobile App

Twitter is available via browser and a mobile app. I would suggest focusing your effort on becoming fluent with your mobile app.

I view Twitter as a platform with two main differences versus LinkedIn. First, it is a real-time communication platform. Where posts get noticed or forgotten soon after posting. Making the timing for when you posts important. Second it is a platform where it is more natural to follow and follow back people you have not yet met. And often will never meet in real life. But where common interests bring you together in a digital network.

You want to master a few things on Twitter. How to re-tweet or quote a tweet that you like. With your personal twist on why your network should consider reading it. The use of hashtags (#). For finding exciting content. As well as for making sure your posts get pick-up by people searching for posts. Expect your twitter audience to be impatient. More attracted to visuals than text. Browsing Twitter as a store front for ideas. Where you expect to find links taking your further into an engagement.

Twitter represents a new language. With tweets first limited to 140 characters and now 280. This format push for a development of writing skills into crisp and clear sentences. Expect it to take a while before you manage this well. And see it as an opportunity to write straight to the point you want to make. Once you master Twitter’s original format you have become a better business writer. for both slides and shorter business papers.

I started my twitter journey focused on writing rather than relaying content. Finding out it is way harder to create attention with own content in the early stages of your journey. If starting over today I would focus more on others content. Including your own company’s digital assets. Until you are more mature and see Twitter as your new digital writing language.

Hootsuite – Mobile App or Laptop

Hootsuite exist on both mobile app or on lap top. And both are useful.

Hootsuite allow you to program your posts. For positing on one or several platforms at the same time. Or for scheduling posts in advance to an optimal time window.

I used Hootsuite a lot in my early Twitter days but today use use it for LinkedIn posts. I have found a few windows when I am active on twitter. Where I want to engage in real time like fashion when I tweet. To come across as responsive in case my tweets create reactions or questions to address.

Checklist for activities suggested this week
LinkedIn – Mobile App and Laptop

  • How to send an invitation
  • Posting of a text with a link
  • Posting a picture and a text directly in LinkedIn

Twitter – Mobile App or Laptop

  • Tweet an article or blogpost you have read. With a personal note on why it is worth reading
  • Search on a Twitter hashtag and add relevant hashtags to your posts.
  • Make a retweet or quote
  • Add a picture to a tweet

Hootsuit – Mobile App or Laptop

  • Schedule Tweets in advance
  • Post a link straight from a browser without opening LinkedIn or Twitter

Thank you for taking in this week’s suggestions. And welcome back next week for when it is time to go live.

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