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Satisfaction at work is often tied to what you feel you have accomplished. With accomplishments focused on delivering to meet set expectations. An ability to write weekly personal execution plans pays off well.

The purpose of this template

This template summarizes a weekly plan on the front and the back of a paper. Structured around the categories where you can make the biggest personal contributions. A template designed to support you both in times of exceptional growth and when you have to fight through tough times. Print your template but write in down by hand to secure each task stick better in your mind.

This template contains 10 suggestions. But do not assume all 10 to be in play all weeks. Dare to select. Learn how many of each type you can deliver on in a normal week.

Customer actions & activities – my value add

The number one priority for all team members is to contribute to customer value creating flows, east-west. Ask yourself which values you plan to add next week. And focus on individual task you can deliver upon.

Push yourself to knock of these action weekly and fast. A make them a bigger share of your sheet, than lower priority activities.

Advance my quarterly priorities – 1-2 areas / week

Dynamic businesses drive strategic priorities in shorter stints. And each team with 3-5 priorities per quarter need each team members to contribute towards your priorities.

Focus on 1-2 contributions every week. An activity securing you get out of the hamster wheel often and get important tasks scheduled and done.

Contributions to my teams – close out actions

The level of cross-company and eco-system collaborations is increasing in most businesses. The value of your participation in these teams peak when you deliver fast and your team trust you with actions you take on.

Close actions as fast as you can. Set different delivery expectations for quick tasks, medium personal actions and larger group projects.

Advance actions delegated to me – from superiors

Efficient delegation relies on consistent execution for vital north-south value add flows. With high visibility in what gets done, and where you are behind. Equally important for day to day tasks as well as escalation triggered activities.

Establish a good interaction with your superiors. Aspire to act at the intersection of where you are strong and where the need is biggest.

Strategizing – quality thinking time

The best results come from doing the right things and doing them right. In today’s fast based business world, the importance of great thinking is great than ever. If you are a gifted thinker. Use your skills.

Set aside personal thinking time. Reflect on where you execute without clarity on direction or how you best do a given task. Share thoughts with peers, experiment with actions. Reload and repeat.

Operational development – Do things better tomorrow

Businesses spend a larger part of their life in a transformation stage. With a need to challenge how we can do things in a better way. The essence of staying competitive. Where the team members closest to execution have the best ideas on how to improve.

Reflect on what you did last week. Articulate how you could improve and test your ideas next week. Aspire to learn from mistakes and share best practices every week.

Proactive meetings – preparation and invitations

Don’t wait for others to trigger meetings. Take the initiative once you see the need. Ask what enable a successful meeting. Prep and invite.

Set out to call for at least one great meeting each week. Limit it to no more than 60 minutes. And call with a crisp and clear agenda.

Personal development initiatives – 15 minutes daily

Invest 15 minutes daily in your personal development. Businesses ability to adapt depend on our personal adaptability. And it does not happen if we don’t invest in it.

Find your optimal 15-minute learning window. And plan to learn up to 5 new things each week. It doesn’t have to be big as long as you keep pushing forward.

Professional private balance – 1 private daily action

Your friends and family is the most essential part of your life. They deserve to be part of your plan.  The daily phone call on the road. A cooking night together. Or the homework or event with your kids.

Plan to do 1 private thing daily. Your insurance to a long term healthy life balance. And to secure your family see you priorities reflected in actions at home.

Grow others – mentoring & coaching

Grow of your team will not happen if your most knowledgeable team members invest in growing others. Mentoring and coaching is time consuming but critical in a knowledge intensive world.

Secure you have both mentees and mentors. Dedicate time each week for personal growth of others. And aspire to become a master in coaching. Your customers expect you to coach them well.

Planning – beyond current execution week

A one-week planning horizon is short. Part of your weekly plan need to reach further out in time. A great way to step out of the execution frame and articulate embryos to coming monthly/quarterly plans.

Put down 3-5 critical activities for the coming month. And 1-2 for the next quarter. Test their relevance next week. A great funnel for your next week.

One thought on “Writing template – My weekly execution plan

  1. A very good and comprehensive plan Peter – thanks for sharing! All important aspects included and a great reminder and structure to help everyone perform, succeed and develop.

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