Writing Template – Resolving business issues

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Resolving business issues is a common task where a great write up can drive progress. Progress driven by a crisp and concise text in a brief format. Designed for immediate action and implementation.

Structure of this template

This template supports a fact based analysis around 3 cornerstones. A situation description where you put facts on the table. A descriptions of complication aspects blocking the resolution to date. The proposed way forward to a resolution

Target a one-page write up with 3-5 statements per heading.


Start with stating obvious and less obvious facts. To get all decision makers and executes on the same page. Stick to a handful of critical facts. Focus on articulating the facts in powerful sentences.

  • Which facts are central to articulate the issue?
  • Which facts do we have concrete data points for?
  • Which non obvious data points do we need to highlight?


Assume the case to be non-trivial. And clarity in complications to be essential in finding a solution. To reach a successful result we need to circumvent the obstacles. And take the obstacles serious.

  • What has prevented a solution so far?
  • Which obstacles do we need to overcome?
  • Which external factors do we have to live with and which internal we can affect?
  • Which options do we choose between?


The resolution need to address both target solution and required implementation actions

  • What is the proposed solution?
  • How do we best articulate/visualize the solution?
  • Which implementation actions take us from current to wanted state?
  • Who is best to lead the realization?
  • How do we best follow up progress?

Additional reading suggestions 

Creative collaborative credits to SF and OA who introduced me to this model, at the turn of the millennium. A great friend in my personal template tool box ever since.

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