Fail fast forward – Correct your errors quickly

Success And Failure Computer Keys Showing Succeeding Or Failing Online

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In the fast paced world of social media you will make errors. Don’t let the risk of errors hold you back but secure you can correct made mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and correct them fast.

One of the best ways to avoid making the mistakes is to go through examples of larger mistakes and understand why they went wrong. The author wrote with the best of intentions but still ended up in the category of failures. Do not aim to categorize failures but by reading bad examples you can start to see patterns.  The blunders are coming both from the text and picture parts or a link of a post.

You will fail at some at some point as the nature of social media makes it hard to avoid failures. You need to prepare to fail and learn from your failures. Expect both minor failures, like no one read or engaged with your posts, and larger ones. Large failures meed immediate attention as they trigger strong and escalating reactions. If something goes wrong it goes wrong and get visible fast. A first step in safe guarding is to only post when you have a window to correct afterwards.

The best recovery strategy is to correct it as fast as you can. Removing the erroneous post and apologize. This recipe solve most errors. Make sure you or someone assigned is ready to correct your posts in a window immediately after positing.

The power of the global social media audience is immense, especially when working against you. The social media follow the logic if you write something bad, the response from the audience is to respond even stronger.  Recent examples are showing cyber-bullying posts get even stronger responses from the anti-bullying advocates.  This is a factor to be aware of

Good questions to work with here are:

  1. What type of errors will I likely to make based on which person I am? – Your personality exposes you more to certain errors than others.
  2. What can I learn from worst case examples? – This is perhaps the easiest way to learn with a low effort
  3. How do I prepare for corrective actions to neutralize possible errors? – This is perhaps one of the best values of outsourcing part of your social media management.

A few examples to learn from below:

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