Work hard & Play hard – or reclaim your life later in your career

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During the summertime each year articles around the differences in vacation policies in Europe and the US pop up. Two stereotypes are often put forward as examples. One on hand we have Europeans who enjoy six weeks of vacation, and use all of it. And at the other end of the spectrum Americans who have three weeks, use two and sell one back.

Each year this makes me think about the first management course I ever attended in the late 1990’s. The teacher was an experienced Irish Executive giving us the message “I want you to remember one thing from this course, work hard and play hard. The company will make sure you work hard.  It is your responsibility makes sure you play hard to make sure you can have a long career”

I have brought those insights with me and tried to work hard to keep the life-work balance, even though it has been tough at times. Business does not take vacation.  It is sometimes easy to down-prioritize the vacation side of life. Postponing the necessary re-charging can be just an important deal away. Finding the balance between work and vacation is important.  This is as important as the balance between leveraging your core business and building new. It is not a choice of either or it is about how to make the best of both. If you are great at both you might navigate to the point in the future where you can combine business travel and enjoy travel for pleasure.

The price you will pay for not finding a balance between work and private life is exposure to burn out later in your career. It is easy to embark on a route that is hard to reverse later. Your best insurance is to establish sound work-life balance goals early. And to secure you stick to your ambitions.

Good questions to ask yourself in this area:

  1. What do I consider to be a good balance between work and private life? – We are all different at this point.
  2. How far off am I from that balance right now? – It is difficult to be at target, but possible to be close by.
  3. Who is my role model in finding the right work-life balance? – It is easier to learn from someone you can copy.
  4. What are my principles for Workation? –  97% are bringing work with them on vacation and there is now sign it will be decreasing.

Consider the following for additional insights on the subject:

With this blogpost I hope you are ready to take on the “Work hard, play hard” relay to you to carry with you in life.

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