Videos are your new slides – Master the 6 to 60 second format

© Tweeter Linder 2015 – All Rights Reserved. Photo by iStock

© Tweeter Linder 2015 – All Rights Reserved. Photo by iStock

Video are the new slides for marketing in the digital age. The attention span for your social audience is short. The challenge for any marketer is to master the creation of videos for 6-60 second format. Get ready to influence in the short and the ultr-short formats.

The younger generation doesn’t use Wikipedia, they use YouTube when they search for insights. If you like to dip your toes into the Do-It-Yourself territory, you realize the higher value a video provides. Video is easier to digest than reading text and picture centric material. A video says more than a million words.

Your blog-posts are great scripts for videos. With a holistic content structure you have a base of business narratives tested blogs ready to become videos. By re-using a business narrative as a base for 4 output formats you reduce the effort to bridge into a new format.  Focus your video efforts to narratives s proven to work as visuals or blog-posts.

To secure the right quality you need to focus on both the production and the post-production steps. The best quality comes with professional video equipment.  But smaller budgets can be limiting but not eliminating. You might want to consider a “Sneak frogging” principle for your video efforts. Aim to leap-frog in impact and do it with a low budget. Here a few ideas of cheap production environments, starting with the cheapest:

  1. Add a Microphone to your Smartphone and record Selfie videos – Increasing the sound quality level is a simple effort with large pay-off
  2. Add a beam Microphone and a tripod to an SLR camera – New SLRs record in HD Video and as above focus on improving audio.
  3. Elaborate with action cameras – depending on the type of your business this could add very different perspectives
  4. Build a Padcaster and look like a pro – A Padcaster integrated video production , post production and publishing in one device

Good questions to ask you and your team to get you going are

  1. What types of videos are easy to make for our social media channels? – Impact will come from consistent publications
  2.  What should be our base format? – target length of the videos, graphical additions and a sequence to follow.
  3. Where should we post the video for maximum impact? – YouTube and/or Vine? Own VLOG? Own Website?
  4. Which Production and Post-production environment fit the budget and time we can allocate to this? – Set an ambition level you can execute on as effortlessly as possible.

A few additional reading suggestions on the subject here;

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