Networked leader 4.0 – Writing positive & professional social media posts    

© Tweeter Linder 2015 - All rights reserved. Photo by iStock

© Tweeter Linder 2015 – All rights reserved. Photo by iStock

As an industry influencer you need to master the style for writing for social media. The writing format you need to fit into is short and you are dealing with an impatient audience.  Improved social media post writing skills is a secure you stay out of trouble.

This fourth step is often the step where newcomers to social media start. A better way to build your profile, create a network and read and relay before you start writing. With three outside-in centered steps first, your have an idea of attractive writing styles. Trust your gut feeling and assume what is attractive to you is appreciated by your audience too. hat was attractive to you, is

A few insights can get your writing to get started along a good path

  • Your audience look for insights helping them. Just talking about things YOU have done or YOUR thoughts is not good enough.
  • Your audience like to read about positive things in a positive human tone.  Think about how your Grandmother wrote postcards to near and dear as a guideline.
  • Stick to professional statements in your posts. Jokes are difficult to master, especially when crossing culture borders.
  • Tie into popular word and hash-tags. This will make people find your post found in searches. Don’t have the ambition to drive trends, focus on leveraging them.
  • Be careful when “newsjacking”. It is easy to tie your posts to news that are trending, but be careful you don’t tie into news with a negative perception about them.
  • Determine when your target audience is most likely to read. Posts get read when your audience is active, expect few to scroll your profile for interesting post until you are a social media celebrity
  • Realize your professional and private images will come together. It is unrealistic to maintain a professional Dr. Jekyll and different Mr. Hyde profile on social media. Adopt your private Facebook style to support your professional image.

You have a choice of a range of social media channels to choice from.  A universe where Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc. are possible options. For professional purposes you might want to start positing on two

LinkedIn – You already have a professional network established. You use it only for professional purposes. By positing you will move from passive to proactive networker. Use this network for connecting and avoid cold call selling. Twitter – Your best way to reach people you have not met yet. Your insights are picked up by people having the same interests as you. As part of this journey you will master the art of comming across in 140 signs. Hootsuit – Post through a social media aggregation tool. Here you can manage posts to many channels. Scheduling posts to a opitimal timing window is simple.

The success recipe varies from one social media channel to another. Adapt your style to what is most relevant in each channel. Your biggest concern when starting to write is to secure you stay out of trouble. The safest bet here is to stick to positive and professional punchlines. And let  your grandmothers’ old postcards inspire your tone of voice..

Good questions to work with as you develop in this area:

  • What is my personal mind cue for the style of all my posts? – Grandmothers’ postcards work for me; you might have something working better for you.
  • How much time should I dedicate to positing ideas per day? – A little time often is the best way to develop your sills in this area. Aim for a time short enough to secure it is not a burden and long enough to get out something on a daily basis.
  • Is my English good enough to make a professional impression? –  Social media give native English speakers an upper hand. Consider classes for getting basic grammar and vocabulary flaws in place.

A few reading ideas about writing good posts

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